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Zombie attacks

  • Zombie attacks

    Zombies are coming, and this is no joke. What will kill a zombie? Not guns, knifes or any of this sort. Zombies are people taken over by demons. We can only fight them in the power of the Blood and the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

    YAHUSHUA teaches us to anoint a board or piece of wood, because wood represents the cross of YAHUSHUA, and ask HIM to cover it with HIS Blood. Hit the zombies with this stick and say, "satan the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA is against you, and all demons must flee from me". And they shall if you are living Holy and you accepted YAHUSHUA as your Saviour. The Only Messiah in Heaven.

    Zombies are not rising from the graves yet, but what is happening across this world is just the beginning. GOD, YAHUVEH prophesied 14 years ago that zombies are coming!

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