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New Book Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT RUACH ha KODESH

  • New Book Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT RUACH ha KODESH

    Each 15 euro donation will enable us to publish this book in several different languages to reach the world for YAHUSHUA'S Praise, Honor and Glory. It is our desire to eventually be in a position when we can offer these books for free but unfortunately we are not yet in this position.

    Amightywind Ministries' New Book "Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT" (RUACH ha KODESH is the Sacred Hebrew Name for Holy Spirit)!

    The precious Holy Spirit have spoken through the modern Endtime Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah to reveal HER Secrets.
    SHE has revealed HERSELF in the Prophecies given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah. (Please check below links)


    This book, "Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT" contains revelations from Heaven about the precious HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH ha KODESH in Hebrew, given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah for these end times. Learn the Sacred Names of YAHUVEH (GOD), YAHUSHUA (JESUS) and the precious RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) and how the anti-christ will actually be using the Name of "Jesus"in the Great Tribulation. Learn about YAHUVEH GOD'S warnings regarding the Mark of the Beast in the coming Great Tribulation. YAHUVEH told us to get the Prophecies into books and in the peoples hands for there will come a time when freedom on the internet will be no more.
    These books will be for those in the Great Tribulation.

    Link to buy the book!

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