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DO NOT BUY SHERRY SHRINER S ORGONE - alien on the internet!

  • DO NOT BUY SHERRY SHRINER S ORGONE - alien on the internet!

    BEWARE of Sherry Shriner and her ORGONE! This alien on the internet promotes her garbage for the destruction of people's minds, bodies, spirits and souls. This insightful video will give you a clearer understanding of who or what Sherry Shriner is, her spiritual roots and where her blasphemous/demonic device known as orgone originated from.

    Sherry Shriner's blasphemous doctrines like the Apostle Paul "being false" and of "serpent seedline" and "the war between the sons of light and the sons of darkness" are based on old masonic and gnostic/occult teachings. Be not deceived, Sherry Shriner IS the alien on the internet. satan's elite troops of demonic aliens need that orgone of which she claims it fends the aliens off. This is a LIE. Orgone also strengthens the strange fire of false prophets and televangelists such as Benny Hinn. This is why Sherry Shriner first exposes wolves like Benny Hinn, to first gain your trust and then have you plant that orgone of which she says it's a protection against Benny Hinn's strange fire. This in fact strengthens his strange fire be not deceived!

    Don't let Sherry Shriner take you to Hell! Sherry Shriner is mainly targeting the Christians and the (Messianic) Jews for her deception because she knows satan wants to destroy them the most. DO NOT go to Sherry Shriner's websites neither buy her orgone! You will not get away unharmed spiritually if you do so. Her websites are full of the occult, strong mind control and manipulation.

    If you have been deceived and bought her orgone, BURN that garbage and demand your money back from Sherry Shriner. Repent for believing the destructive lies of Sherry Shriner and turn away from these sins. Rebuke her in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH / Jesus Christ. ONLY through the Name and the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH do we have the authority over satan and his aliens/demons. Only YAHUVEH/YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH can protect you in the coming days of horror and the Great Tribulation, if you are a walking in a loving, obedient relationship with THEM. DO NOT turn to Sherry Shriner or orgone for your protection or you will reap the Wrath of GOD. Repent of this today if you have done this and allow YAHUSHUA to deliver you and set you free from Sherry Shriner's demonic bondage.

    Please watch the below testimony of sister treesfourme about her experience with Sherry Shriner and orgone, and see the pictures of demonic manifestation and paranormal phenomena that occurred due to demonic orgone. See the manifestation of demons as this orgone was destroyed and burned.

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