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♫ Don't Muzzle MY Prophets – Original Song AmightyWind Ministry

  • ♫ Don't Muzzle MY Prophets – Original Song AmightyWind Ministry

    Song by StandUpForYAH03

    This song came about because on December 2nd 2018 [the first day of Hanukkah], we were gathered in a chat room so other countries could join us for the first night of the hanukkah candle lighting. The RUACH HA KODESH lead me to read Prophecy 16 "Dont Muzzle MY Prophets."

    While I was reading it, ABBA YAHUVEH started changing words and now there is a revised version of Prophecy 16 and it is called Don't Muzzle MY Prophets, as YAHUVEH shows a Hanukkah Miracle after the reading of the prophecy.

    The prophecy will be posted later today and the woman who experienced this miracle will be in the video. Ezra, as he listened to me read the prophecy, others noticed half of his face was full of darkness and rage. YAHUVEH chose this prophecy to warn Ezra do not try to muzzle this prophet.

    This song happened as I was on the phone with my sons who are singing the song and I told them of the miracle that happened on hanukkah that YAHUVEH did to prove that it does anger HIM when you try to silence a true prophet. I started getting lyrics for the song as I was being told by YAHUVEH, that my sons will write the song Dont muzzle MY Prophet and Ezra's name is mentioned in it. For in the lyrics, you will see why he is no longer part of this ministry.

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