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2019 Live KNOCK OUT talk Elisheva Eliyahu to Ezra - Part 2

  • 2019 Live KNOCK OUT talk Elisheva Eliyahu to Ezra

    Ezra must repent for what he has done to this Ministry, to me and now especially for leading people to another god that has the same name (Urea) as a compound of urine---and for his false word from hell putting many people in fear and panic, setting a date for worldwide 3 days of darkness on Passover April 19, 2019 saying the bottomless pit would open up that day and demons would be unleased and physically manifest to wreak havoc on Earth and many would die. But just as YAHUSHUA assured me and I prophesied, NOTHING HAPPENED!

    Ezra repent from being a NARCISSIST and for entertaining the demons of and teaching kabbalah. If you had listened to me and all the ways YAH warned you ahead of time, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO THIS MESS!

    This is my KNOCK OUT punch to you Ezra. Warning do not go to their evil website or channel, is a Thus Saith YAHUSHUA

    There's been many videos now directed at you Ezra from me Elisheva, YAH speaking through me to you, but this one is coming from straight from me to you.

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