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Prophecy 66 - Blow The Trumpet and Warn YAHUSHUA Is Not Coming For

  • Prophecy 66
    Blow The Trumpet And Warn, YAHUSHUA Is Not Coming For The Church But For HIS BRIDE!

    Only those with spiritual eyes and ears will even hear you warning the troops on the walls I have told you to assemble. Do not concern yourself with those that have rebelled against the truths I have had you speak forth. Do not be concerned how many people will stop supporting you financially for I shall bless those that bless you and curse those that have cursed you and rise up others to be help to you and not a hindrance. This ministry is not named after a man or woman but rather brings YAHUVEH the Glory even in the name.

    This ministry has not spoken forth words for itching ears but rather for Holy ears that want to be pleasing and obedient unto YAHUVEH as Enoch and Elijah of old walked, so shall those that listen and obey and those pleasing YAHUVEH and shall be called YAHUSHUA's Bride. I, YAHUVEH, am not sending MY Son to catch away the Churches but rather the Bride of YAHUSHUA who are the first fruits. There are requirements to be YAHUSHUA's Bride. I, YAHUVEH, have told you audibly, "YAHUSHUA is not coming for a disobedient Bride." Remember the 5 wise virgins with oil in their lamps? Remember the 5 foolish ones disobeyed. Both were warned the Bridegroom cometh. Both waited. The Bride will receive their glorified bodies and hardly will the world take notice as she is caught away and prepared with marching orders how to help the guests and protect the guests who were not fit to be called the Bride, for the guests did not go the extra miles it takes in obedience and Holiness forsaking the things of this world for the sake of the Kingdom of YAHUVEH. celebrating holidays and that are not Torah observant to recognize, to esteem the true Holy Days will find out they will feel MY wrath in a mighty way, even those who are called by MY Sons Name because this truth has set them free, that they are to be Holy as I am Holy. But instead they insist on participating, and are anticipating, and reciprocating these pagan holidays, then they shall not feel MY presence, they shall not hear MY Spirit speak to them, they will find they are no longer in MY ark where I set MY Children apart...."

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