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Prophecy 83 - I YAHUVEH Say Prepare The End Is Nigh

  • Prophecy 83
    I, YAHUVEH, Say, Prepare The End Is Nigh!

    The job of the Two Witnesses will be unlike any other job given. I weep for them under the anointing, for the job they will have to do is not to be envied. They will see more horror than has ever been seen on this earth. Please do as YAHUVEH has said and pray for the Two Witnesses. Please pray blessings on them in all ways. While they are in this mortal body, pray the Holy Ones will give them loving support and encouragement. Please pray that they believe and receive the anointing that has been given to them and obey and do all they are to do. Pray for protection of The Holy Wall of fire that will surround them on all sides so no man, woman, demon, devil, can harm them while in that mortal body.

    Beware Boasting Pretenders!

    Anyone who is boasting they are one of the Two Witnesses such as the one who calls himself Elijah the Tishbite, or the man Hawkins who wrote blasphemy in the Book of YAHWEH is not one of them even when the Two Witnesses lay in the street he said they lay there for 3 1/2 years instead of 3 1/2 days, I read this with my own eyes, these men and others who do this in pride.

    The real Two Witnesses don't even want to acknowledge that calling on their lives. They are humble and don't believe they are worthy of this high of a calling and keep saying, "Surely you have someone better." This is what YAHUVEH has shown me, that is why the scriptures say they are dressed in sackcloth and ashes. It is symbolic of being humble and in mourning for the horror and sin they will see and what they see now.

    I have known ever since I was given a Spiritual Rod, and my then 6-year-old-son Jonathan, one of my identical twin sons saw it in the Spiritual realm and described it and I felt the weight of it 19 years ago, and each time it was used in the spiritual realm it only got heavier to where now it takes my husband to hold up my arms when it is used under direction of YAHUVEH.

    This Ministry has something to do with finding the Ark of the Covenant, the 144,000 as in Rev. 14 and the Two Witnesses. Only as the years have progressed have I understood and been given more revelations through the prophetic words given to me. There is a book being written now by another member of the Bride of YAHUSHUA [Rev:14] who is paying and donating all her time to get all the prophecies, visions, dreams, and audible words of YAHUVEH published. Please pray for her, for this is a huge job. Pray for the right publisher also. We are trying to get the prophecies translated in different languages so they can be in book form also. When we are no longer on the internet, at least the books will still be here during the Great Tribulation.

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